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Producing a graphic representation of
your brand that is instantly recognized is Creative Licence’s mission. 
Your logo has a split second  to carry your message - it has much too important of a role to leave to stock graphics. We offer a fixed price logo design package that captures your corporate character and portrays it proudly…

Creative Licence Design

The Work:

In today's competitive business environment, effective packaging and advertising material is key to the success of your business. Creative Licence offers unique print based design solutions to help you reach your target audience quickly & effectively. We aren’t into excuses,we deliver the solutions that get results.

If functionality keeps people on your website, then design is what hooks them in the first place. Good design will greatly influence your visitors’ engagement. It needs to be beautiful, functional, responsive and scalable. Most importantly you need to be in control of it. Creative Licence will create a simple web site for you to grow as your business develops and we will show you how to maintain and update it yourself.

Vehicle Wraps

A custom car wrap gets your business noticed in a BIG way! Take your company’s message to the streets with impactful advertising on wheels to generate better awareness and leads for your business. Creative Licence can help you achieve your design needs. We then work with some of the best in the business to have your car wrapped.

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"Creative Licence constantly surpasses our expectations and the staff are always a pleasure to work with. They have never missed a deadline and consistantly produce top quality work for us."

—  Maureen McEwan,

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

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